​The Sustainability "Headache"

In the past, shipping companies have found the resource and time investment need to to develop a supplier code of conduct with external consultants and engage with suppliers as a major barrier to implementing policies would improve corporate governance, risk management and waste reduction.

Similarly, ship suppliers have been facing ‘code-mania’ as it became increasingly difficult to comply with the reporting demands of multiple customers.

This has taken place within a context in which there was little in the form of authoritative guidance on how the shipping industry should address key their impacts, particularly in relation to human rights, as well as heightened media attention and stakeholder scrutiny, as well as increasing demands placed on the shipping industry by customers, investors and the general public.

Becoming a Sustainability Frontrunner just became Easier...

Sustainable Maritime Suppliers, or SMS, is a new premium maritime listing that allows respected and trusted ship suppliers to showcase their quality products and services by uploading all their credentials and compliance documents in one place.

Explore services

Unlike traditional listings, Otter allows the you to find even more providers that services the maritime industry. Whether it be Human Resources and Legal, or a new Drill Pump, SMS has you covered.

Find certifications

Want to be reassured of your suppliers quality and sustainability credentials? SMS allows suppliers to upload their full certifications, approvals, and memberships in one spot.

Browse sustainabily

As well as listing their goods and services offered, suppliers are able to ‘build’ a full responsible and sustainability profile by uploading existing policies, certifications, and communicate how their products tackle social, economic and environmental challenges.

​IMPA ACT Membership

ŸIMPA ACT is a Responsible Supply Chain Management Initiative of International Marine Purchasing Association that seeks to improve the economic, social and environmental sustainability of international shipping and marine industries. IMPA ACT Members are leading ship owning and managing companies that are committed to implementing the IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct both within their company and through their supply chain.

Become aligned with international principles

IMPA ACT Membership is an affordable solution that allows shipping professionals to become aligned with internationally endorsed corporate governance principles, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and responsible supply chain management (RSCM) at their own pace. IMPA ACT Membership takes the guesswork out of RSCM and CSR.

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Member Benefits

IMPA ACT Members gain access to pragmatic advice, draft content such as contract clauses and supplier engagement templates, case studies, as well as step-by-step guides to assist the development of a RSCM and CSR strategy using the IMPA ACT 6 Step Process.

Other Benefits

The online IMPA ACT Members’ section also allows IMPA ACT Members to identify suppliers that are engaging in the IMPA ACT RSCM process and track the performance of their suppliers. The database allows IMPA ACT Members to share the effort of engaging with suppliers by avoiding overlaps.